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RBNY Player of the Week – 2013 Week 12

Myself and the other Red Bull Rant staff will pick our top three players of each week resulting in our pick for a player of the week (or month). The rankings are point based. A player picked as #1 by a writer is 3 points, #2 is 2 points, and #3 is 1 point. The highest number of points is the player of the week.

Games Played in Week 12:

  • 5/19:  1-0 Win vs Los Angeles

Top 3 Players:

  1. Jamison Olave
  2. Tim Cahill
  3. Luis Robles/Juninho

Jamison Olave – 2013 Week 12 POTW

Fan Voting Top 3:

  1. Tie between Jamison Olave & Tim Cahill

Top Player by Voter:

  • Jason Iapicco – Jamison Olave

    • Without his physical presence, LA plays the way they want.
  • Pat MacDonald – Jamison Olave
    • Was absolutely unstoppable on defense.
  • Truman – Jamison Olave
    • The man was a monster. Broke up countless plays.
  • Zac Wassink – Jamison Olave
    • Cornerstone of the back line.
  • Pete Huryk – Jamison Olave
    • Deserves it because Keane didn’t score.
  • Kevin Doten- Jamison Olave
    • He was a beast on defense all game keeping the shutout.

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