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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Welcome Me! The Fashionable Sweater of Mr. Petke

petkesredbull Some of you may know me formally because of Twitter. All of you have seen me. I am currently the most important piece of clothing besides Henry’s Pumas. I’ve seen more goals than Mike Petke’s suits and more wins. Lloyd Sam has never scored a goal when Mike Petke wears a suit. That is how important I am. But I’m facing three problems which I will share and would love your feedback:

Three Suit Games 

So far we’ve done pretty well when I am part of the rotation. But I’m really nervous because we’ve got three big suit games in a row. We’re playing the Galaxy, Crew and the Whitecaps, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it out of the closet. This could be disastrous.

The Summer

We all know about the Summer Metro Disease. What is going to happen when it is summer? I’m trying to fight to stay current, changing styles to light cotton, but I’m nervous about July and August. This could be really bad.


The sweater on his face has to go.


Until next time…. BE #SweaterStrong #RBNY

Tweet me… @PetkesSweater


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