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Match Report: Sky Blue FC vs. Seattle Reign FC

SBFC vs Seattle

See live tweets from the game here.

In front of 1,459 fans, Sky Blue FC hosted Seattle Reign FC at Yurack Field, on the campus of Rutgers University, in Piscataway, NJ. The day started out with a tribute to the mothers, both those of the players, and the players themselves. After the festivities though, motherly instincts were not to be part of the experience. The game was not a rough one though. For the second time this year, there were no cautions handed out.

The game was pretty back and forth for the first half hour. No team maintained possession for more than a few minutes at a time. In the 30th minute that all changed. Sky Blue won a free kick about 35-40 yards from goal. Christie Rampone put the ball just above the 6 yarf box, where Seattle’s Michelle Betos attempted to punch the ball out, but only managed to knock it out right to a waiting Danesha Adams. Adams struck the ball off of a volley and put it past the whole Seattle defense to put Sky Blue up 1-0.

5 minutes later, Sky Blue doubled the lead. Lisa DeVanna deposed the Seattle defense, and ended up with a 1-on-1 opportunity. She took the most of it and put a curling ball past a Betos who was left hung out to dry.

Seattle threatened late in the first half when Jessica Fishlock managed to get a 1-on-1 with Brittany Cameron. Cameron came off of her line, hesitated for a second, and eventually decided to challenge Fishlock. It proved to be a vital play. While Fishlock was able to put the ball past Cameron, he touch was too heavy, and Fishlock ended up slipping on the wet playing surface.

The second half for the most part was back and forth between the two teams, with neither team not really holding possession for large stretches. Both teams had chances, but never came close.

Seattle’s Kiersten Dallstream had the best chance of the second half in the 68th minute, possessing the ball on the left side of goal, but Cameroon once again came up big with a point blank save.


Brittany Cameroon on holding off the reign (rain):

I actually told God to hold off the rain, no, it was a beautiful night. It sprinkled a little bit, but it was a beautiful night.

Brittany Cameroon on coming out against Jessica Fishlock:

She’s real quick, she’s a great player. I hadn’t really heard of her, but some friends in the league kinda warned me about her. She’s a great player, and you know, I was indecisive a little bit, and I gotta be better at that. I tried to come out, and thank god, I kinda scared her a little bit at the end, and she was able to pull it wide.

Danesha Adams on her goal:

Once Christie [Rampone] hit it, I kinda realized, I didn’t really know what was going to happen with it, but once I heard Michelle [Betos] say keeper; I felt like she was going to punch it or so something. So I decided not to challenge, just hang at the top of the box, it just came to me, and I was able to hit it off the volley.

Danesha Adams on the game plan for Seattle:

Game plan as usual. I think the biggest thing for us right now is to be able to play, and do our own thing. I mean, we create plenty of chances, it’s a matter of finishing. I think for me and Lisa [DeVanna] today, it was big to get a goal. Sophie [Schmidt] is our leading goal scorer, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day, we got to get our forwards on the mark. Now it’s Kelley’s [O’Hara] turn. She had a couple of good looks today. So for us, it’s important. At the end of the day, Jim told us to come out and be ourselves; that’s we did, and we were able to get 2 good goals.

Danesha Adams on the busy schedule:

We’re glad we’re getting this crazy schedule out in the beginning. Other teams are having rest, or having this, and for us, we’ve played, I want to say, what, 4-5 games in less than 20 days. So, I mean, it’s been pretty crazy. I think it’s big for us, we’ve only lost one of them, and that game was unfortunate. I think for us, we’re getting the points early, and that’s what’s key. We’re undefeated at home; that’s huge.

Coach Jim Gabarra on Lisa DeVanna:

One thing with Lisa, you can’t tell Lisa what to do, you’ve got to play off of her instincts and players have to get used to her instincts.

Scoring Summary:

  • Sky Blue
    • Densha Adams – 30′
    • Lisa DeVanna – 35′
  • Seattle
    • None



Next Match:

Thursday, May 16, away to Portland Thorns FC, 10:30 pm start time.

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