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RBNY Player of the Week – 2013 Week 10

This new feature will replace the RBNY Power Rankings that I did for the first few weeks of the season. Myself and the other Red Bull Rant staff will pick our top three players of each week resulting in our pick for a player of the week (or month). The rankings are point based. A player picked as #1 by a writer is 3 points, #2 is 2 points, and #3 is 1 point. The highest number of points is the player of the week.

Games Played in Week 10:

  • 5/4: 1-0 Win at Columbus

Top 3 Players:

  • 3 – Tie between Jamison Olave & Jonny Steele
  • 2 – Tim Cahill
  • 1 – Luis Robles

2013 Week 10 Player of the Week – Luis Robles

Top Player by Voter:

  • Jason Iapicco – Luis Robles
    • Came up big with a save on the PK, and had 6 saves overall to record a clean sheet.
  • Pat MacDonald – Luis Robles
    • Made a number of tremendous saves, yet another player who’s answered the call after being on the hot seat.
  • Truman – Luis Robles
    • PK save was the momentum changer.
  • Zac Wassink – Luis Robles
    • Was hot garbage and looked almost scared until the PK, then stepped up huge.
  • Pete Huryk – Mike Petke
    • Made the late game decisions that got the win.

NOTE: While Pete picked Petke, we couldn’t count that towards the vote since Petke is not a player.


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