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Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY @ Columbus – 2013-05-04

by Jason Iapicco

The NY Red Bulls visited the Columbus Crew, and with a late goal by Tim Cahill, walked out of a (literally) combustible Crew Stadium with a 1-0 victory.

Photo by NOTE: This did not happen during the RBNY match.

Beginning of a Winning Streak

For the first time this year, the NY Red Bulls have won 3 straight games, officially kicking off their first winning streak. It does help that two of those wins come against New England & Toronto who are both in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference Standings, but the team needs to be able to consistently beat the lower ranked teams. Montreal visiting on Wednesday will be a real test for NY after losing at Montreal 1-0 at the end of March.

Beginning of a Scoring Streak

2 games, 3 goals for Tim Cahill. Cahill has seemed to respond well to criticism leveled on him by Taylor Twellman before the Toronto match, despite having said he doesn’t pay it much attention. Cahill did get a yellow for taking his shirt off when celebrating the game winning goal, but I think we can all excuse that.

3 Games in 8 Days

For the second time this year, NY will be playing 3 games in 8 days, and with a lot of travel to boot. The last 8 day stretch wasn’t that long ago (at DC United 4/13, vs Kansas City 4/17, vs New England 4/20), but at least last time didn’t incur as much travel. This time, the team has to travel (approximately) 1465.2 miles between trips to Columbus & New England. I hope this team is ready for that kind of stress on a body in addition to the stress of playing.

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