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Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY vs Sporting KC – 2013-04-17

by Jason Iapicco

The NY Red Bulls traveled down the Turnpike/I-95, walked into a crumbling RFK, and took advantage of a struggling DC United for a 2-0 win, and their first road win of the year.

NY Stands With Boston

Lackluster Crowd

The announced attendance for this match was 12,338, and of course we all know that announced attendance is not actual attendance. The poor attendance was to be expected for a Wednesday night, a night that NY has not traditionally drawn well on. Something needs to change for these matches. NY needs to learn how to market these games. There is no reason that the team can’t drawn (an actual) 20,000 for a midweek game against a top team in the league. Yes, part of this is a function of public transit and it’s still deteriorated state from Hurricane Sandy (not that it was great to begin with). However, marketing plays a bigger part. The NJ Devils have no problem drawing mid-week in Newark, and they never had a problem at the Meadowlands where public transit used to be much worse (no PATH or NJ Tansit stop before MetLife was built). There’s no excuse anymore for NY not getting 20,000 on a midweek game.

(More) Missed Opportunities

The offensive story line of the year is of course the number of missed opportunities that RBNY has had. Against KC, they had 14 attempts on goal (to KC’s 13), 3 Shots on Target (KC – 5), 8 Shots off Target (KC – 5). NY (except for 2 chances last week) fail to not only score, but to test the goalkeeper. We’ve kept saying that eventually shots will go in, but after 8 games, we can’t keep saying it. The offense has to do better.

Must Win

The New England match, if it wasn’t already considered a must win, is absolutely a must win now. With New England’s only win coming against the struggling Sounder, NY needs to curb stomp an opponent for the first time this season.

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