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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY @ DC United – 2013-04-13

by Jason Iapicco

The NY Red Bulls traveled down the Turnpike/I-95, walked into a crumbling RFK, and took advantage of a struggling DC United for a 2-0 win, and their first road win of the year.

RFK is Falling Down!

Solid Defense

The NY defense came up big in DC, something it hasn’t done much of this year, evidenced by having given up 8 points from a winning position in the first 6 matches. However, they were strong in DC, holding their rivals scoreless for what is now 180 minutes of soccer in 2013. Miller-Olave-Holgersson-Barklage did a great job against DC, even though they gave up some chances towards the end. Barklage had some bad moments by giving up silly fouls in front of the box, but thankfully it didn’t cost NY. Surprisingly, Miller had a good game, and paid back some of Petke’s trust. With how the rest of the backs have been, expect him to get at least a few more starts in the near future.


It looks like Thierry Henry is NY’s version of Gareth Bale, in that the Red Bulls have not won in 2013 unless Henry has scored. Coincidentally, Henry has scored both game winners so far this year.

South Ward on Tour

Once again, the South Ward members who traveled to DC brought it in support of their team. You might be asking how can I know that, and the answer to that comes in the closing minutes. After stoppages time at the end match started, I heard Wipe Out,  a tradition at the end of each half in NY. Yes, that’s how loud there were. The group was not mic’d up for the game, and they can’t be because of being placed so far away from the field. You can credit the team for quieting the DC crowd, but credit the South Ward for being loud and getting their voices heard on the TV coverage.

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