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Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY @ Chicago – 2013-04-07

by Jason Iapicco

Three Thoughts - Chicago Away

New York traveled to Chicago, where they haven’t won since 2005, and don’t break the streak. They drop a 3-1 result to the (previously) winless Fire.

Shoot Peguy, Shoot!

Peguy Luyindula had two main problems in this game. He either waited too long to shoot, or took shots directly at Sean Johnson. He was too afraid to take one time shots, which he had perfect chances to do. When he took his time and was able to get a shot off, and it was on goal, he put it right at Johnson. I know he hadn’t played a senior game in about 2 years before joining RBNY, but at this point, that rust has to be gone.

Unsteady Robles

On the first Chicago goal, I initially thought that the ball was headed out of Roble’s hands. As I kept seeing the replays, the goal wasn’t scored on a foul, it was scored on Robles not being aggressive enough and going at the ball, instead of letting it come to him like he did. He was also the Robles we saw in San Jose. He took too many touches and bounced the ball too much. He really need to learn to just get rid of or hold onto the ball. Don’t do anything extra that puts the team at risk.

Missed Chances

The story of this game like the last few? Missed chances. NY once again was in double digit attempts. Once again they had more shots on goal than their opponents. Once again they couldn’t put the ball away (except for one lucky string of passes on a corner).

Bonus Thought – RBNY is in Trouble

If you didn’t think that NY was in trouble before this game, you have to be thinking it now. This team goes into Chicago, a place where Chivas USA scored 4 goals, and only gets 1 off of a corner. They play a team with 0 wins, and gives Chicago their first. This team has some major problems, and while they have time to make up the points, the problems need to be fixed NOW.

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