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RBNY Power Rankings – 2013 Week 4

Week 4 of the Power Rankings follows New York traveling north of the border to take on the red hot Montreal Impact. Without Henry (turf), Olave (turf), and Cahill (international duty), RBNY gave up what would be the only goal, and lost 1-0. Reminder: these ratings are not based on just this week alone, they take into account previous weeks as well.

Games Played This Week:

  • 3/23: 1-0 Loss at Montreal


  • Armando Moreno (Previous: Not Listed, DNP)
  • Diago (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Josue Martinez (Previous: Unranked, 11 Mins @ Montreal) – Played 11 minutes, not enough to rate him on.
  • Lloyd Sam (Previous: Unranked, 7 Mins @ Montreal) – Played 7 minutes, not enough to rate him on.
  • Michael Bustamante (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Ryan Meara (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Santiago Castano (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Rafhinha (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Kevin Hartman (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Marius Obekop (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Ian Christianson (Previous: Unranked, DNP)
  • Rubén Bover (Previous: #12, DNP) – Didn’t feel fair to rank him after a second DNP.


#20 – Roy Miller (Previous: #20, DNP)

Even a week of for international duty doesn’t save Roy from being bottom of the barrel.

#15 – Connor Lade (Previous: Unranked, 21 Mins @ Montreal)

Came on for Jonny Steele in the 69th minute, but didn’t have much of an impact in this game.

#14 – Brandon Barklage (Previous: #1, 74 Mins @ Montreal)

Disappointing day from Barklage. 4 Fouls committed, 2 yellow cards. Probably didn’t deserve the 1st card, but he has to be smart and not get himself and the team in trouble like he did when he picked up #2.

Tie for #12 – Heath Pearce (Previous #1, 90 Mins @ Montreal), Markus Holgersson (Previous: #1, 90 Mins @ Montreal)

Maybe it was a symptom of Olave being out, but these two did not have a good game. Let Di Vaio get in behind them for the only goal of the game. Might be a harsh drop, but they did not do well.

#11 – Eric Alexander (Previous: #9, 83 Mins @ Montreal)

Wasn’t a great game out of Alexander, but then again, no one really stood out this week.

#10 – Jonny Steele (Previous: #9, 68 Mins @ Montreal)

Played decent enough. Was subbed out for Lade in the 70th minute in Petke’s attempt to jump start the team.

#9 – Kosuke Kimura (Previous: Unranked, 90 Mins @ Montreal)

Was played in place of Olave, and pushed Pearce back inside. Had a decent game with no mistake.

#8 – Tim Cahill (Previous: #8, DNP)

The Australian was off on International duty, scoring 2 goals for the Socceroos.

#7 – Fabian Espindola (Previous: #7, 90 Mins @ Montreal)

Not a great game for Espindola who shined so bright in the season opener at Portland. Like Juninho, his play this week can probably be attributed to the missing DPs.

#6 – Thierry Henry (Previous: #6, DNP)

Was kept out of this game with a minor injury scare, and the training staff didn’t want the turf in Montreal screwing him up. Continues his trend of missing games on turf (except Portland).

#5 – Dax McCarty (Previous: #5, 90 Mins @ Montreal)

A quiet game out of Dax, and not a usual quiet game. Didn’t play as well this week. Might’ve been a result of Cahill being away since the two have played together since Cahill’s arrival last summer.

#4 – Jamison Olave (Previous: #1, DNP)

Was kept off of the turf in Montreal. Only moved down because of that.

#3 – Péguy Luyindula

One of NY’s new signings came right into the first team and did well for 79 minutes. There are still signs of rust, but that’s to be expected when he has played in only one match since the beginning of the 2012-13 European season.

#2 – Luis Robles (Previous: #11, 90 Mins vs DC)

Made 5 Saves on 6 Shots on Goal. Unfortunately was left out to dry on the one he didn’t. In my opinion, he could’ve done better on that play, but can’t blame him being left in a 1v1 situation.

#1 – Juninho (Previous: #10, 90 Mins @ Montreal)

Played a surprising 90 minutes on the turf at Olympic Stadium. Had some bright moments, and played well enough considering the absence of Henry/Cahill.

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