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Jason’s Three Thoughts – USA @ Mexico – 2013-03-26

by Jason Iapicco

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The US Men’s Team traveled south of the border to Mexico City, braved an earthquake, a hostile Mexican crowd, and came out with a 0-0 draw, and a big point on the road.

Classless Mexican Fans

During the player walk out, the announcer at Estadio Azteca asked the fans in attendance to NOT boo the US anthem, as if that would have actually done anything. I understand Mexico not liking the US (and vice versa). I understand if they expressed their displeasure during the run of play. To do that during the national anthem of the visiting team is just classless, and I hope that the fans in Columbus do not follow suit and repeat those actions in September.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

While not a lot of US fans could have/wanted to make the trip down to Mexico City, there was a dedicated section of fans. They were separated from their Mexican counterparts by 2 columns of police, which shows how bad things can get down there. The fact is, any fan willing to travel to a foreign country to support their national team deserves credit. To travel to a place like Mexico City, that takes some real balls. The best part of the traveling fans? They could be heard over the Mexican crowd on TV!

Bend Don’t Break

The US’s defense deserves all the credit for this draw. They absorbed a shit load of pressure and managed to not let in a goal. Yes, part of that was Mexico not putting away ball right in front of the net. This defense (and big time props to Brad Guzan) faced: 18 Attempts on Goal, 2 Shots on Goal, and 15 corner kicks. The defense blocked an amazing 6 shots to help out Guzan. Podcast guest Pedro Gomes asked when was it time to park the bus, and it was clear that the US hunkered in well before the end of the match, and did an amazing job to hold of for a 0-0 result.

Bonus Thought – Hex Standings

This match marked only the 2nd time in CONCACAF history that the US took points at Azteca for a WC Qualifier (0-13-1 record all time before tonight). With the results of the other two games (Panama 2-0 Honduras, Costa Rica 2-0 Jamaica), the US stayed in 3rd in the Hex with 4 points (behind Costa Rica on GD), and Mexico dropped to 5th (3 pts). Top to bottom in the Hex right now, #1 Panama only has a 3 pt lead on #6 Jamaica. The matches in June are all the more important now with how tight the Hex is this year.

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