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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Thanks but No Thanks, Luke Rodgers

By Patrick MacDonald

In case you haven’t heard, former Red Bulls striker and cult figure, Luke Rodgers has been released from his contract with English League 1 side Shrewsbury Town.  Oh, but it gets more exciting than that, Rodgers himself has said he would love to return to MLS, specifically to the Red Bulls, home of his finest achievements.  It gets even better, apparently Homeland Security has taken Rodgers off the enemy of the state list meaning the visa issues that plagued Rodgers return in 2012 won’t be an issue.

WOOHOO! Sound the alarms and ring the bells, the man who’s short, who’s white and loves to fucking fight is coming back to Red Bull Arena.

Err, maybe we want to back up a little bit here.

Look, Luke Rodgers was a wonderful high motor player who gave us all a ton of great memories two seasons ago.  That’s the key point though, TWO SEASONS AGO.  A lot has changed since then.  Rodgers has played for three teams in Norway and England.  Gotten into 41 matches, and scored only 7 times.  That’s a strike rate far less than what he accomplished here, scoring 9 times in 23 matches.  And let’s not forget he only played 23 times  thanks to that nasty plantar fasciitis injury that has plagued him ever since leaving Harrison.

From the Red Bulls standpoint it makes no sense financially or strategically.  Rodgers would take up a precious international roster spot, a waste for what essentially would be a role player.  Rodgers would come in behind the far more talented Fabian Espindola and promising Peguy Luyindula.  His arrival would also push Armando Moreno further down the depth chart hampering the intriguing academy player’s growth.  Considering the flashes the kid has shown, such a move would be ill advised.

Anyone who thinks Luke Rodgers should be brought back into the fold is thinking with their heart and not their brain.  Yes, I loved the guy too, but he’s not what he was and the Red Bulls have better options right now.  With the International slot and salary cap implications that rule MLS, bringing in Rodgers would be a bad move.  Let’s just remember his 2011 contributions fondly, and move on.


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This entry was posted on March 26, 2013 by in NY Red Bulls.
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