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Jason’s Three Thoughts – USA vs Costa Rica – 2013-03-22

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The US Men’s Team hosted Costa Rica in their first home World Cup Qualifier in 2013. It was a cold snowy night in Denver, but the Yanks stole an early goal and held off for a 1-0 victory.

Snowy Conditions

The ground crew at Dick’s Sporting Good park had their hands full with the snow coming down at a furious pace, and they did a tremendous job. Every chance they got, the sidelines, end lines, and penalty boxes were clear.

In terms of the teams, the US was the better prepared side, and it was clear from the onset. The US put a great amount of pressure on Costa Rica. Costa Rica managed to make it interesting in the 2nd half, but the weather and 1 offside call stopped them from at least coming away with a point.

In the 55th minute, the FIFA Match Official called a pause to the game, and it looked like they were going to call a stoppage to the game. To the credit of referee Joel Aguilar, and the Costa Rican team, who were down 1-0 and could’ve asked to stop play. they continued the game. The conditions were only going to get worse, and did so only minutes after resuming the game. Snow was forcasted for another 12 hours. What did FIFA think was going to happen if they called the game?

Pro-US Crowd

Watching at home is obviously not the same thing as being in the crowd at the game. From the beginning, it was very clear that US Soccer got exactly what they wanted, a very pro-US crowd, despite the cold & snow. On TV, there was a buzz that could be heard. When Dempsey scored in the 16th minute, the volume of the crowd went up a notch.

What a Difference One Match Can Make

Going into the 2nd matchday of the Hexagonal, the US were bottom of the table. After, they are in 2nd thanks to two draw matches (Jamaica 1-1 Panama & Honduras 2-2 Mexico). They’ll head into Azteca, where they’ll have to withstand what will no doubt be a very desperate Mexico side after only getting 2 points in their first 2 games.

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