The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY at Montreal – 2013-03-23

New York traveled north of the border to Olympic Stadium in Montreal to take on the 3-0 Impact. NY looked good in the opening minutes, controlling the game, but fell into Montreal’s trap. Montreal countered a RBNY attack, slipped in past the back line, and got one past a defenseless Robles to take what would be the only goal of the game for a 1-0 victory. This marks the 6th straight meaningful game dating back to last year that NY has failed to win. Since beating the Union to end the 2012 regular season, NY is 0-3-3.

(Not So) Solid Back Line

Pearce-Holgersson-Olave-Barklage. That’s the back line that shutout DC. Olave didn’t travel with the team because of the turf at Olympic Stadium.  Kimura-Pearce-Holgersson-Barklage. That was the line which gave up a soft counter attack goal in 14th minute. After that, the back line played like crap. If not for some luck, Montreal could have easily scored 3 or 4 goals, with probably 3 for Marco Di Vaio alone.

Yellow Cards

While NY couldn’t beat Montreal in terms of goals, but they could beat them out in terms of yellow cards. According to this tweet by guest Dan Dickinson, the 2nd yellow to Barklage was the 8th straight card that NY got since the SJ match, without an opponent getting one. Alexander picked up one in the 81st minute to make it 9 straight. On the night, NY picked up a total of 6 yellows.  Montreal broke the streak in the 85th minute when Hassoun Camara took one when trying to slow down NY.

Shep Unleashed

This isn’t RBNY specific, but I think it’s worth bringing up. During his halftime comments, Shep Messing addressed the situation with Chivas USA looking for more Hispanic players. He flat out called Chivas racist for only going after a certain ethnic group of young men, in support of their parent clib.  While I probably wouldn’t have used the term “racist”, I tend to agree with his comments. If you look at all 19 teams in MLS, Chivas is the only team which is run to support their parent club. Yes, RBNY is owned by Red Bull GmbH, and the “parent” club can probably be called Red Bull Salzburg. However, RBNY isn’t run to support Salzburg. Chivas USA is run to support CD Guadalajara. In being a child club, Chivas is being used to grow talent for Guadalajara, and it’s clear what the parent team wants, not to try the best they can in MLS.

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