The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Red Bull Rant 49.5: DC Post Game (Video)

Jason & Truman sit down with Tim Hall, Kevin Doten, and Steve “Creepy Taxi” Santos to talk about the DC match.

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2 comments on “Red Bull Rant 49.5: DC Post Game (Video)

  1. Matt
    March 20, 2013

    I’ve unsubscribed to the Red Bull Rant. I get that you guys aren’t professional media and you’re just loyal NYRB and soccer supporters. That was great when I first found you but I’m not interested in listening to a podcast that has become the Jersey Shore of soccer podcasts because every episode includes you telling us to go F our mother.

  2. thetruman
    March 21, 2013

    Dear Matt,
    We here at the Red Bull Rant understand your concern for our, adult language. As we take all comments seriously, you’ll notice that our next podcast will be more suited for a… more mature palette. We hope that you will reconsider listening and enjoy tonight’s episode.

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