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RBNY Power Rankings – 2013 Week 2

Week 2 of the Power Rankings follows New York losing in San Jose 2-1, following the pattern from the Portland match, taking a lead into halftime, and giving up two second half goals, but this time it led to a loss. Previous week’s ratings can be found here. Reminder: these ratings are not based on just this week alone, they take into account previous weeks as well.

Games Played This Week:

  • 3/10: 2-1 Loss at San Jose


  • Armando Moreno (Previous: Not Listed, Stoppage Time @ San Jose) – Brought on for Roy Miller just before stoppage time.
  • Juninho (Previous: #11, Did Not Play) – Did not play because of injury. Not going to rate him for that.
  • Kosuke Kimura (Previous: #, 3 Mins @ San Jose) – B

    rought on late for Alexander, not ranked since there wasn’t much to use.


#12 – Roy Miller (Previous: #9, 89 Mins @ San Jose)

Easily the worst player on the pitch at San Jose.  Ill advised back passes, inconceivable handball, and an even more inconceivable encroachment on the ensuing PK.

#11 – Luis Robles (Previous: #6, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Robles’ tendency to take an extra touch when clearing the ball almost caught up to him. Seemed to learn his lesson after giving up a chance and getting kicked in the shoulder. Can’t blame him for the retaken PK since he stopped the first, but had to do better on the first goal.

#10 – Tim Cahill (Previous: #11, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Another disappointing game from one of the DPs. Only 2 Shots (none on goal), and a team high 6 fouls committed.

#9 – Thierry Henry (Previous: #11, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Henry took shots (4), but couldn’t put it on net (none on goal). Again missing possession in the 2nd half when NY needed to relive the pressure.

#8 – Rubén Izquierdo (Previous: #10, 21 Mins @ Portland)

Honestly didn’t see much out of him, but not surprising since NY failed to posses the ball for the most part after he came on, which was not necessarily his fault. Only reason he is #8 is because of poor performances by Miller, Robles, Cahill, & Henry.

#7 – Eric Alexander (Previous: Unranked, 87Mins @ San Jose)

Came up with a big back post run, following up on a deflected ball to put away NY’s only goal at San Jose.

#6 – Jonny Steele (Previous: #4, 69 Mins @ San Jose)

Had a decent game before being pulled off for Izquierdo. Was visibly pissed when he came off, and I can’t blame him. He wasn’t the problem in the 2nd half. Moved down only because of Dax & Heath.

#5 – Heath Pearce (Previous #8, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Quiet and effective game from Pearce, but Miller’s antics in San Jose will only raise the call of him moving to left back.

#4 – Dax McCarty (Previous: #7, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Typical 2012 Dax game, did what needed to be done.

#3 – Jamison Olave (Previous: #3, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

A good game from Olave, glad to see him come back after the few missteps he had last week.

#2 – Brandon Barklage (Previous: #2, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

Was solid at right back and didn’t hear any problems out of him.

#1 – Fabian Espindola (Previous: #1, 90 Mins @ San Jose)

It’s hard to say he had an “off week ” in only his 2nd game, but after scoring two goals, not scoring seems off. Had a decent enough game, just didn’t manage to get a shot on goal.

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