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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

I’m NOT Worried. Are You?

One point from two games is hardly ideal.  Considering the late game performances, some would say that it is extremely disappointing.  Our Red Bulls had both games in hand and let them slip away.  Although I was frustrated watching both games, I’m not worried.  Perhaps I am delusional, I’ve been called much worse.  However I think there is reason to believe.

The results were pretty predictable.  The travel, new players and new coach were all contributors to poor performance.  Not to mention, Henry possibly didn’t put out his full effort on the Portland turf.  The games weren’t determined before kickoff but the fact that the Bulls put in respectable performances for part of each game was mildly encouraging.  The situational problems will begin to melt away as the season continues.  At this point the issues within the team seem to stem from a lack of an identity.  Mike Petke has begun to put his stamp on the team but it hasn’t fully taken hold yet.  Periphery players haven’t accepted their roles within the team yet.  Henry has not scored yet nor has he formed a bond with Espindola.

For those faint of heart, don’t despair.  The wins are coming in bags.  Unfortunately a few things have to happen first.  Petke needs to experiment with the lineup some more but he’s getting closer.  Lade on the left back may be the last piece or Olave being dropped for Holgersson.  It may take two more games but it is coming.  The rest of the team needs to get out of Henry’s and Cahill’s shadows and stand up to be counted.  Henry and Cahill need to lead by example by putting a ball or two in the net.  The fans need to make RBA a place that opponents dread.

This weekend is the start of making things right.  I will put my prediction out now.  Red Bulls win 2-0 with at least one goal from Henry and continue for the next seven games without a loss.  As I tell my players, focus on the things that you have control over.  Let’s be loud on Saturday.  Nothing is more embarassing than being outdone by visiting fans.


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I'm an author and public speaker from New Jersey. My topics are usually aimed toward teenagers and range from self-esteem/self-reliance to peak performance in sports.

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