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Jason’s Three Thoughts – RBNY @ San Jose – 2013-03-10

Three Thoughts - San Jose Away

NY headed into San Jose, to face a crippled Earthquakes team. An Eric Alexander goal in the 17th minute would be all that NY got. They took that goal into halftime, up 1-0. The second half was deja vu of the Portland match. NY gave up 2 goals, including a late one, leaving Buckshaw Stadium without a point. Read my thoughts after the jump.

Robles Fumbles

Robles has a tendency to take a touch too much when clearing a back pass.  This was on full display Sunday night with a few chances created by Robles. That seemed to stop after Robles ended up getting kicked in the shoulder in the 50th minute after giving up such a chance. Hopefully that was a sign and he will be more careful with the ball.

Dropping a 3-1 Lead at Portland

We all know about NY dropping a 2 goal half time lead in Portland last week. Well, listening to the ESPN announcers, you would think we didn’t. By my count, at least ten, yes ten, references (both directly and inferred) were made to NY’s first week performance. On the flip side, only 3 mentions of San Jose losing 2-0 to Real Salt Lake in their home opener.

Second Half Slump

Once again, NY failed to hold onto a halftime lead. For most of the first half, NY was again the more aggressive team. It seems that the halftime break takes a lot out of the team. Maybe it’s just momentum being killed, but this can’t keep up. Two straight weeks to open the season, NY were aggressive in the first half, more so than they ever looked under Backe in ’12. Then they come out of the break and seem content with sitting back to protect the lead. Generally, it’s a decent strategy. Then, late, like 90th minute late, Roy Miller has to turn his head and screw up the point that NY could’ve taken back. A clear handball in the box, followed by an encroachment on a PK saved by Robles ended the chance of NY getting out with a point.  Miller will probably be named the goat, but he wasn’t the only player who screwed up tonight.

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