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Change At Left Back for RBNY

We all know Roy Miller (pictured right) has been a disaster for NY at left back in the first two games of the year, and most would agree that he needs to go. The question is who would take his spot on the field, and there are two very clear choices.

Connor Lade

On the podcast, we’ve said that Lade is probably better suited in the midfield because of his size, but he has shown that he can be an effective left back in MLS. Except for a few bad games, he was a solid option for Backe last year, and who can forget him shutting down Donovan in LA last year. Putting in Lade would allow Petke to keep the rest of the back line (Barklage, Olave, Pearce) in their current positions, maintaining whatever chemistry the three have developed thus far.

Heath Pearce

Pearce could arguably be a top 5, if not the best left back in MLS if he moved outside. Everyone knows he prefers playing inside, but he has been proven to be more productive on the flank. Hell, he has 35 caps for the US National Team at the left back position. Moving Pearce out wide would also allow the team to insert Holgersson, who was able to adapt to MLS last year, into the center back role, and helping to cement the back line even more. Additionally, it might help with chemistry as Holgersson knows how to play with Dax in front of him as they played together a lot last year.

We’ll have to wait and see what Petke does, but I can’t imagine that Miller would get a warm reception at the home opener against DC if he’s in the starting eleven.

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