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US Open Cup 2013 Format Released

Thanks to the folks over at, we know the format for the 2013 US Open Cup, and how it will affect the Red Bulls. Read after the jump for my thoughts on some key details.

Entrance of MLS Teams

The 16 US based MLS teams will be entering the Open Cup in the 3rd round. The 16 teams will face the 16 who advance out of the 2nd round. The games are slated to take part on May 28th. This could be bad news for the Red Bulls, as their current schedule has them playing the Columbus Crew two days earlier on the 26th. I would hope that MLS would move the Columbus game, only to give both teams an extra day’s rest, but we’ll have to see how generous the league is.

True Draw for Home Fields

The big thing from the 2012 edition of the USOC was that, until the semifinals, there was no sealed bidding process. This meant that hosting was selected blindly as long as both teams met certain financial criteria. This year, every round will be a blind draw, with a coin flip for the final four (no mention of any financial criteria), with no allowance for buying home field off of another team (e.g. Seattle & Atlanta last year).

This means that teams effectively can’t “buy the cup”. Seattle (the recent example) has always dropped money on the USOC, because of it being the easier path into CONCACAF Champions League for them. The change this year would stop that practice, and help the smaller teams, at least in terms of home field advantage.

What do you think about the changes this year?

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