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RBNY Power Rankings – 2013 Week 1

I’m going to try for a new feature this year called “RBNY Power Rankings”. The idea is the same as any power rankings, except I’m judging each player’s standing within the team. I’ll be going off of recent form, and won’t be including anyone who hasn’t played for obvious reasons. Let me know what you think of this in the comments. Let’s take a look at my Week 1 rankings after the jump.

Games Played This Week:

  • 3/4: 3-3 Draw at Portland

Unranked – Eric Alexander (Stoppage Time @ Portland)

Not enough of a sample.

Tie for #11 – Tim Cahill, Thierry Henry, Juninho (90 Mins @ Portland)

This might seem a little harsh for NY’s big 3, but with how they performed vs. the expectations, they have to be down here. Maybe the turf played a big part in their performance, but NY needs more out of them.

#10 – Rubén Izquierdo (67 Mins @ Portland)

He was fairly quiet in the attack, and that was probably the reason he was pulled off in the 67th minute. While he’s low in the rankings this week, it’ll be interesting to see how he does throughout the year.

#9 – Roy Miller (90 Mins @ Portland)

The predetermined 2013 whipping boy didn’t have too terrible of a game, although he did make a mistake which led to Olave’s own goal. Also didn’t do well in an attacking role.

#8 – Heath Pearce (90 Mins @ Portland)

Heath didn’t do too well in his first game this year. Maybe because he was playing outside of what is arguably his position? We’ll see if Petke switches it up in San Jose.

#7 – Dax McCarty (90 Mins @ Portland)

Dax didn’t have a great first game with the new back line & Juninho. It might just be a chemistry issue since they didn’t have a lot of time to gel in the preseason. I’m giving him a pass only because of the consistent performances he put in last year as CDM.

#6 – Luis Robles (90 Mins @ Portland)

Came up with some big saves, but not enough. Was solely responsible for Portland’s second as he couldn’t control the rebound, and basically put it on a tee for Nagbe.

#5 – Kosuke Kimura (90 Mins @ Portland)

Not a terrible debut for the Kimura. Wasn’t solely responsible for anything, but was caught watching on the second goal as Nagbe blew by to clean up on the rebound from Robles.

#4 – Jonny Steele (23 Mins @ Portland)

Didn’t hear his name a lot, which can be a good thing for a defender. He’s only up this high because of everyone else.

#3 – Jamison Olave (90 Mins @ Portland)

I hesitated putting him up this high because of getting beat on one goal, and being credited for an own goal. Outside of those mistakes though, Olave was probably the best player on NY’s back line.

#2 – Brandon Barklage (17 Mins @ Portland)

Second half sub, but totally made an impact. With what little possession NY had in the 2nd half, Barklage seemed to match it in his 17 minutes on the pitch. A much needed change at that point in the game.

#1 – Fabian Espindola (73 Mins @ Portland)

Arguably the most effective player on the pitch for NY in Portland. 2 Goals in his debut has him off to a hot start. Unsure why he was the one to make way for Barklage.

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