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Indecision Was the Best Decision

I recently read an article that described in no uncertain terms that in professional sports, the fans are the club.  Millionaire owners and playing superstars will come and go but the fans are the consistent factor that gives a club its identity.  The Red Bulls have stumbled onto possibly the best decision that they could have made.  They hired one of their fans to coach the team and that fan will give them the identity that they’ve been lacking.

The hire of Mike Petke has been called many things in the last few days.  One thing it has not been called is “calculated”.  The Red Bull organization has done many calculated things since it took over.  Very few of them have made the fan base feel like they are part of the equation other than to buy tickets and souvenirs from the Bull Shop.  This almost accidental hiring has the possibility of giving the Red Bulls exactly what they want: success.

The Red Bull measure of success is twofold: money and silverware.  I believe Petke can deliver both if the organization will let him.  Although he is inexperienced, he knows the league and has tasted success within it.  Now all he needs are the right pieces.  The roster as it stands would be difficult for a seasoned coach to create a winner.  Now that the “interim” tag has been taken off, I hope that Petke will be given the freedom to bring in some players to fill the holes that the organization has created.

Petke can win the games to get the silverware which will bring the fans and the money.  These are my hopes.  I have to believe that although they stumbled onto this decision, they will recognize a good thing when they see it.


About Pete Huryk

I'm an author and public speaker from New Jersey. My topics are usually aimed toward teenagers and range from self-esteem/self-reliance to peak performance in sports.

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This entry was posted on January 26, 2013 by in NY Red Bulls.
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