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2013 Schedule Thoughts

Today is the day that all RBNY fans have been waiting for, well, not THE day as a coach wasn’t announced. Today we saw MLS release the 2013 schedule, and when they actually said they would! I’m not going to go through the whole schedule, but here are my thoughts on what I consider key dates, stupid times, a compressed week, etc.

Road Opener

As previously announced, RBNY will open the road at Portland on March 3. No word if Henry will play on the turf at Jeld-Wen Field yet.

Home Opener

Also previously announced was that NY would host DC on March 16th for their home opener. What wasn’t announced was the 12:30 pm start time. Why is a game on a Saturday being shown so early? Maybe it has to do with the game being broadcast on NBC Proper?

Late Start Times

MLS loves to saddle east Coast teams with late start times when they play out West. The only time I have an issue with this is on the weekends when there is no excuses for not starting earlier. On a weekday? Sure, I understand you need fans in the stands. On the weekend though? Thankfully there are only two of these game this year:

  • At San Jose, March 10 (Sunday), 10:00 pm Eastern Start
  • At Seattle, September 29 (Sunday), 9:00 pm, Eastern Start Time

The Seattle one is a little off because MLS seem OK with going against Sunday Night Football, which doesn’t bode well for a nationally televised game. Speaking of which…

Nationally Broadcasted Games

RBNY are the most featured teams on national broadcast, showing up 19 times on NBC, ESPN, and UniMas (formerly Telefutura). LA comes in second with 17 appearances. The split of networks is pretty even with ESPN showing 7, NBC 6, and UniMas 6. One good thing about having 55.8% of the games shown nationally means we only need to hear Shep Messing gush about the Cosmos during a RBNY broadcast 15 times.

Eastern Conference Split

After moving to an unbalanced schedule last year, we knew that there would be changes from year to year.

RBNY plays the following teams three times this year:

  • DC – 2 home, 1 away
  • Philly – 2 home, 1 away
  • New England – 2 home, 1 away
  • Toronto – 1 home, 2 away
  • Montreal – 1 home, 2 away
  • Houston – 2 home, 1 away
  • Columbus – 1 home, 2 away

…and RBNY plays the following only twice:

  • Chicago
  • Kansas City
  • Columbus

Last year, NY got a little screwed over having to travel to NE, Philly, and DC twice. It’s nice to see that the league followed through with balance and gave NY 6 home games between the three teams combined.

What are your thoughts on the schedule?


EDIT: It was pointed out to me that NY plays Columbus 3 times during the year, instead of 2 like I originally stated.


3 comments on “2013 Schedule Thoughts

  1. Bill Carroll sec 233
    January 9, 2013

    I like early starting times in march but not while the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is going on. Here we go again, what are they thinking we could of had a crazy loud crowd but now will have guys like me with their wives and kids at the game.

  2. Dan Dickinson
    January 9, 2013

    Three games against Columbus, sir. 5/4 (A), 5/26 (H), 8/10 (A).

    • Jason Iapicco
      January 9, 2013

      You are right. I must have missed the one in August.

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