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NYRB: Offseason Without Reason

About a month ago, my family and I visited Red Bull Arena for their annual Holiday Open House.  My kids drank hot chocolate, had their picture taken in the goal and did some skills courses.  All seemed right in my relationship with the Red Bulls.  My family had a nice day out, Marquez and Backe were gone and the new Director Andy Roxburgh seemed to be talking sense.   I was optimistic that the 2013 season could be different.

Now we are less than two weeks from the Superdraft, the roster has been cleaned out, we still don’t have a coach, my favorite player was traded and the Euro-brass in charge seems as clueless as ever.  My confidence is shaken.  I fear that people in charge of NYRB will never figure out what they need to do to succeed in MLS.  Here is what they are missing.

  1. Hire a MLS “savvy” coach- Being American is not a requirement to win a MLS Cup.  However basically all the coaches who have won the Cup were well acquainted with MLS and how it works.  My personal choice would be to throw money at Jason Kreis but it’s a little late for that.  Although it seems that Claudio Reyna will be an assistant to the new head coach, I don’t think it is enough.  The Euro-brass has tried to bring Europe to New York and it hasn’t worked yet.
  2. Winning Markets Itself- The only reason that the Beckham experiment ended up being a success for LA is that they won two championships while he was there.  Without the championships there is no legacy and it was good marketing for a while.  The names on the back of the jerseys matter less than the number of W’s in the Win column and trophies in the case.  For me the Marquez debacle was painful.  The coaching staff and management seemed willing to deal with laziness and ridiculous behavior in the name of “star power”.  It may have cost them a legitimate shot at the MLS Cup.  I can’t speak for the other Red Bull faithful but for me the stretch last season when the DPs were out and the team was winning was completely satisfying.  At this point in MLS history, fans are not satisfied with a big name without results.

These would both seem to be pretty simple but the leadership is rather obsessed with doing it their way.  At some point, something has got to give.  There are several ticking clocks that demand for the Red Bulls ownership to wake up.  Henry departing or retiring before they win a title will see his tenure as a failure.  Not because of his play particularly but decisions that limited his contributions toward a title.  The arrival of New York 2 is ominous if the Red Bulls cannot win the MLS Cup beforehand.  The Red Bulls will be forced to take a back seat to the brand new club.  If by chance that club is the NY Cosmos, fair weather fans will flock to Queens and the Red Bulls will be the New York Jets of MLS.

As a fervent fan, I hope that this is all just my imagination and the club is in a good position.   At the moment all evidence is to the contrary.  Get it together NYRB, your fans deserve better.


About Pete Huryk

I'm an author and public speaker from New Jersey. My topics are usually aimed toward teenagers and range from self-esteem/self-reliance to peak performance in sports.

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