The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

The Gary McAllister Saga

By Patrick MacDonald

So rumor has it that the New York Red Bulls and Gary McAllister were spotted holding hands somewhere near a European café.  Are these two the new hot item?  TMZ has the photos…

With the “are they/aren’t they” nature of today’s Red Bulls head coaching news, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the above headline.  First Big Apple Soccer reported that sources have indeed named the former Scottish International, long suspected to be the front runner, as their new head coach.  Then came the article on that the Red Bulls had not even offered McAllister the job. Finally, Dave Martinez over at weighed in saying it should still be expected that McAllister will indeed be the Red Bulls next coach.

My head hurts, does yours?

There’s one thing to consider.  The man has been in this position before.  After being sacked by Leeds, McAllister was in the running for a few jobs which he turned down.  The Scotland national team head coaching job and and assistant job at Portsmouth were both on his radar.  He wound up rejecting Scotland and not being able to come to terms with Portsmouth.

Despite his thin resumé, the Red Bulls are not the only suitor.  As Dave Martinez reports in the above linked article, its possible McAllister could spurn the Red Bulls and take an assistant position with the Scottish National Team.  Its not completely out of the realm of possibility that he regrets not taking the Scotland Job in 2009 and his heart may rather lie with his country.

However, despite all that, Dave Martinez is likely correct and McAllister is more than likely going to be named the new head coach, much to the chagrin of the Red Bulls faithful.  However, Richard Farley over at prosoccertalk has an interesting take on why Red Bull fans shouldn’t be too upset.

The fact is Roxburgh and Houlier have a made a lot of good decisions up until this point.  It’s hard to fathom them completely dropping the ball on naming a coach.  Considering McAllister worked under Houlier at Aston Villa, fans should even be a little encouraged.  And considering how many higher profile established foreign coaches fail in MLS, a guy with a short resumé maybe exactly right for MLS.  He won’t be as stubborn to force a certain system with mixed results, ala Backe.  He maybe more inclined to evaluate his personel and put them in exactly the right place to win, which is something that should never be underestimated.

Is Gary McAllister my favorite of all the names listed during the Red Bulls search? No, that would have been Eric Wynalda, who’s run in the Open Cup with scrub filled Cal FC should have made him a top choice across the league.  But in Houlier/Roxburgh I trust to bring about the death of “That’s so Metro.”


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