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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY vs. Philadelphia – 7/21/12

NY took it to Philadelphia and extended their home record to 7-0-3 on the year with a 2-0 win over the Bimbos.

NY looked lively

Despite having played a games on Sunday and Wednesday in 95+ heat, the Red Bulls showed a lot of energy.

Injury Bug/Backe’s Player Rotation

Barklage is the latest to get bit by the bug. Was it due to 3 games in 7 days (and midday games at that)? Hard to tell, but questions need to be raised about Backe’s use of players over the stretch given this injury.

The Emergence of Connor Lade

In the 16th minute, after Philly broke out on a 4 on 3, the ball ended up on the left side of the NY goal. It looked like Philly was going to be able to set up for another cross, but Lade, busting his ass, got to the ball and challenged for it. This effort was the reason that Philly did not get a second chance at the time.  Lade was all over the field today and continues to show why Henry called him (and Barklage) the RBNY player of the year.

Cooper’s Game

It seems that with Henry & Le Toux in the lineup, Cooper has started taking shots from all over again. This is one of the good things for NY because it forces the keeper to make a save. Cooper was all over the field looking to break his 7 game goalless streak, and did in the 43rd minute, heading in a cross from Connor Lade. He added to that in the second half putting away a cross from Henry that sealed the game.

Referee Issues

I don’t want to keep beating this dead horse (see image), but I kind of have to. Two calls in the first half, while not terrible in their effects are head scratchers. There was a ball clearly kicked out by a Philly player but Philly got a thrown in. Lade also got called for a foul after cleanly winning a header because a Philly defender rant in his path (after he had jumped). Cooper was also taken down in the box in the 42nd min without a PK being called. In first half stoppage time, Miller got decked during a free kick by Pajoy and nothing was called. Lastly, the yellow to Cooper for “Argument” in the 2nd half should’ve went to Farfan who pushed him in the back after the whistle, starting the confrontation.

ESPN’s Announcing Crew Ignores the South Ward

ESPN focused their cameras on the travelling Philly supporters. They talked about the “Sons of Ben” being rejuvented with the firing of Novak. No talk of the South Ward all match long.


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