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Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY vs. Chicago – 7/18/12

On a hot & humid day at RBA where the heat index reached 105°F+, NY managed to withstand the heat and extinguish the Fire 1-0.

Henry’s Strike

Henry had probably his best moment since he got injured back in April. Henry had a Golazo that was the lone goal in the game.  Credit Le Toux with the amazing cross to even allow Henry to take the shot he did.

Gaudette’s First Win

Bill Gaudette, filling in for injured rookie Ryan Meara wasn’t tested until towards the end of the match (and even then wasn’t really), and did a good job of keeping Chicago out of goal. This was the first shutout for RBNY since May 9th (1-0 vs. Houston) (or May 29th, 3-0 @ Charleston, if you count US Open Cup play). In fact, if you look at the match statistics, he didn’t even face a shot, which leads me to…

The Back Line

Hans sent out a back line of (Left to Right): Miller, Conde, Holgersson, Barklage.  These four guys did a hell of a job keeping Chicago away from even challenging Gaudette.


Heat was obviously an issue as the east coast is going through a bad heat wave. In fact, the heat index is so high that there are advisories to limit outdoor exposure. I’m surprised that no one directed the referees to allow for scheduled breaks in play to avoid any possibility of heat related injuries/illness.


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