The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY vs. Seattle – 7/15/12

NY keeps their home record spotless earning a point against Seattle, drawing 2-2.

Ongoing Issues with Referees

How is a ball that is not a handball a corner kick? I seriously want to know how when the only other person in the area is Henry, Alonso did not touch the ball with his hand yet NY gets a corner. NY should’ve had a PK and been up 2-1 at halftime, thus, with all things being equal, winning 3-2.

Then, Henry goes on to earn a yellow for “Dissent” because he restarted play while the ref was moving players back. Here’s the question though, did Henry ask for the 10 yds? Because if not, then shouldn’t that have been allowed?

Lastly, should Andy Rose have gotten a red card instead of a yellow for deliberately handling the ball after falling down?

Le Toux Impact

Le Toux made his impact felt early on, putting a rebound away in the 24th minute.  While that was his only shot, his presence on the field did spread out the Seattle defense.

Fredy Montero

I like that Freddy Montero was on the bech for 62 minutes. I don’t like that he scored in the 67th minute.


Taylor Twellman said this on the ESPN broadcast, and it makes perfect sense.  Why was only 1 substitution (on Rafa’s injury) used on a hot & humid day, with games coming up on Wednesday & Saturday? Especially for Henry who, although he had energy, needs to be not run into the ground coming off of an injury.


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