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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY @ New England – 7/8/12

The Curse of Foxboro continues as NY loses 2-0 to the Revolution.

3rd First Time MLS Center Red

This was the 3rd time this year that RBNY got assigned a center ref who had never been assigned the role in a MLS game before.  Someone needs to stop this shit.

Fouls: NE 13 – NY 16, Yellows: NE 0 – NY 3

Not saying that the ref was in the bag for NE, but something is wrong with this picture, especially the yellow cards.  New England got away with too many fouls, especially when NY was being called for a lot of ticky-tack stuff.

MLS Live Blackout

I talked about this on the podcast, no idea why I can’t use MLS Live to watch these games.  National blackouts make no sense to me.  Thank you internet for allowing me to watch the game live.

Foxboro Curse

Is it crazy to ask for Foxboro Gillette Stadium to be blown up? Not just for RBNY’s sake, but for my other team who has to play there, the NY Jets.


This is from the quick thought on the Vancouver match, but it bears repeating.  I understand the use of turf in certain places when it comes to weather, but this is 2012, can we not have real grass?


Backe has actually been pretty good at using subs this year, even though I may make comments on it every once in a while. I know NY did not go into this match with a full bench because of injuries.  Being down 1 with 20 minutes to go, why were no subs used?


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