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Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY @ Toronto

NY and Toronto traded goals in the opening 6 minutes, and then settled for a 1-1 draw.

Yellow Shorts

I don’t know what it is about the yellow shorts, but I want a pair.

Solli’s 2nd Goal

Solli followed up his first MLS goal with a now 2 game scoring streak.  Could this be the breaking of the dam?

Toronto Response

Toronto’s response to the NY goal was too quick. No way someone should be able to run in from 18 yds out to get a header on a corner. One of the few goals in which Meara can be (partly) blamed as he should’ve been able to stop it.

The goal was followed up by a mistake by Pearce which almost led to a goal. If not for Meara coming out of goal, TFC is probably leading 2-1 before the 11th minute.

Emotional Letdown?

On the last show, I said that I could see RBNY haivng an emotional letdown, but still winning. Outside of the first 5 minutes, NY seemed more than happy to settle for a draw against a side that went 10 games before getting its first league points. Toronto FC just seemed to want this match more. Example: in the 91st minute, NY was slow getting to a throw in.  I expected to not see 100% effort, but this was just too little effort for a game they should’ve had from the opening whistle.


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