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Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY vs DC Scum

NY went down very early last night, but fought back to win 3-2, improving their home record to 5-0-2.

Sell Out Crowd

On Friday it was announced that this game was sold out.  The stadium saw, at least from my non-scientific rough estimate, it’s largest attendance for a RBNY regular season match.  The crowd had an energy to it that I have not felt in the previous 4 home games I had attended.  Not every seat was filled, but there were more people last night than I remember seeing before.

Barklage’s Brace

Barklage punished the team who drafted in 2009 with a 1st half brace that gave NY a 2-1 lead at halftime.  On his first goal, it looked like a ninja decided to play a MLS game.   His second was an amazing volley after a Marquez free kick deflected off of the wall.

McCarty NOT out for Toronto Match

Dax earned his 5th yellow of the year last night, but will not be out for the Toronto match.  According to MLS rules, if a player is 1 card away from a suspension, he is placed on Warning.  A player on a warning who goes 3 games without a yellow gets his number reduced by 1.  So, while he had 4 yellows before the match, his total per the rules was 3.  Now, if he gets a yellow during any of the next 3 matches, he will be suspended.

Pearce’s Ankle Breaker

You don’t hear about ankle breakers in soccer too much, but Pearce had a great move in the later part of the 1st half that qualifies.

Team Goal

Solli’s goal in the second half was a result of great team play, bring the ball from the edge of the NY box all the way up field.  This clip does not show the whole thing, but you do see the awareness by Lindpere at the end to pass it off after drawing a defender away from the middle.


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