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Not really Matchday Not really preview: NY Red Bulls vs. DCScum

Penning and posting this little ditty will be my final act before beginning a mini Staycation, one that will involve my best friend coming in from good ol’ Erie, PA and us watching the New York Red Bulls defeat the soon-to-be Baltimore WhoGivesACrap on Sunday night. It is unlikely, but not impossible, that I’ll have time to put together an actual Yahoo Sports match preview on Saturday, so this will have to do. I suppose it’s for the best, because nobody expects me to be anything close to professional here.


I’ve seen some Red Bulls supporters calling for the team to “get it” regarding this rivalry. I, for one, couldn’t give two Philadelphias if the players in the RBNY starting eleven hate DC United. Truth be told, I can’t imagine Thierry Henry sitting in his castle or gold boat thinking “who do I hate more, DC or Spurs?” All New York have to do to make me happy is win.


4-1 sucked. It really sucked. Sucked as would waiting two years for Euro 2012 only for your team to go 0-3 in the group stage. Sucked as would finishing fourth in the Premier League table only to lose out on Champions League because Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich in Germany. Sucked as would being a Cleveland sports fan and watching Judas Iscariot win an NBA championship.


Wait, what was I talking about again?


Oh yeah, 4-1. I hope Hans Backe is showing match highlights of that debacle to his squad once every other hour leading into Sunday’s match, all the while flipping the lights on-and-off and screaming “WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE, IN A WAY!” I don’t just want the Red Bulls motivated or looking for a win on Sunday. I want them pissed off that they were slapped around by an inferior opponent in April. I want them looking for a fight.


Playing roughly 27 matches in a month (give or take a few) isn’t ideal. I understand that. The Red Bulls must, in turn, understand that nothing short of a victory over DC will be acceptable in our eyes. And you, fellow Red Bulls fans, had better show up at the Arena on Sunday. I don’t just mean physically be there (that’d be nice, though). Have fun. Be loud. Be vulgar. Find that line that separates “drunken schmuck” and “you’ll be lucky to escape this with just community service,” and then stay right on the edge of it.


While speaking with Jozy Altidore on Wednesday, the former Red Bulls star jokingly predicted an 8-0 win for New York. My prediction? Simple.



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One comment on “Not really Matchday Not really preview: NY Red Bulls vs. DCScum

  1. thetruman
    June 23, 2012

    We only expect professionalism on our podcast!

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