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Jason’s Quick Thoughts: RBNY @ Vancouver

This is my first time trying a post styled this way.  Let me know if I should keep it going.

Last night, if you were able to put away enough caffeine to stay up and watch, the Red Bulls pulled out a point on the road with a late goal to draw with Vancouver 1-1.  Here are my quick thoughts.

11 pm Start Time

This is an obvious statement, but an 11 pm Eastern start time for a mid-week game is terrible, and the person responsible for it should be shot (not literally).


As Zac pointed out yesterday on Twitter,’s match preview used the abbreviation NYRB instead of what fans have been using, RBNY.  Apparently the team (or maybe just MSG) had a different view on it, asking fans to use the twitter hastag #RBNY.  While this is something that is honestly stupid to have to worry about by this point, can we just decided on something already?

Richards out for DC Match

I’ll be talking about this on the podcast, but let me just say this.  Silly yellow to get Dane, and now you’ll miss out on what is one of the biggest matches of the year.


I understand the use of turf in certain places when it comes to weather, but this is 2012, can we not have real grass?  Since I started watching last year, I don’t think I’ve seen Henry play one game on turf.


I’ve harked on this before on the podcast, but the lack of substitution use really baffles me.  Yes, we used 2 of 3 subs last night, but the first one wasn’t used until the 89th minute.  On top of that, the subs were mainly used to waste time, which by the way, didn’t work as the ref let the game go a full minute past the minimum stoppage time of 2 minutes.  After Bonjour’s goal for Vancouver in the 75th minute, I felt like a change was needed, and nothing came.  Thankfully the players on the field dug deep to get an equalizer.


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  1. I liked this format. Well done.

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