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Matchday Preview: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. NY Red Bulls

I was going to begin this with a brief introduction considering it is my first ever Red Bull Rant post, but let’s not kid ourselves. You either already know who I am due to hearing me on the RBR/following me on Twitter/other random Internet post, or you just don’t care about my identity. In short, I’m here to post, for lack of a better description, rants about the Red Bulls. Funny how it works, eh? Unlike articles found on websites such as Yahoo Sports, my match previews on here will mostly consist of questions and other random thoughts I have leading into a game.

What the hell did Mehdi Ballouchy ever do to Canada? No, seriously. At this point, it would be nice to at least have some sort of update regarding Ballouchy ever again being allowed to play a match up north.

Head coach Hans Backe also won’t be making the trek, his absence due to “personal issues.” I, along with all Red Bulls supporters, hope Backe and all in his family are in good health. I’m also not ignoring those “Backe is actually out meeting with a potential DP” rumors that are floating around. Not for nothin’, but I’m not sure having a beer with Stephen Ireland is a good enough reason to miss a regular season match.

Why did MLS, a league that made such a big deal about showcasing multiple “rivalry games” over East vs. West contests, schedule the Red Bulls to play an 11 pm ET midweek match in Vancouver? I would be upset about this even if New York weren’t hosting the scum on Sunday evening. No Eastern Conference side should ever have to play a regular season match out west during the middle of the week. Ever. It can be avoided, it should be avoided, and it makes me stay up until the early morning hours while sober.

OK, somewhat sober.

Prediction: Any Red Bulls fans out there feeling good tonight? Anybody? I’d be willing to bet even the RBNY Optimist would predict a loss if you got a few drinks into him…her…it? I figure Frenchy shows us his O-face twice, Dax gets another kinda-sorta fluky goal, and the Frostys win it 3-1. Now I need to go take a nap since I’ll be up until at least 1 in the freakin’ morning.

Peep my Yahoo match preview here. Also, please forgive any early WordPress miscues I make. I’m the new kid on the block, after all. Finally, thanks to the guys for having be aboard this funky train. I’ll do my best to not get the site shut down.


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Zac Wassink is a diehard sports fan who has been writing on a freelance level since the 2006 NFL regular season. His loves are football, futbol, Cleveland sports and the New York Mets/New York Giants among other sports teams. PFWA member.

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