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View From Across the Pond: John Harris – 5/13

This was meant to go up around lunchtime, but with the Agudelo/Rafa trade rumors making twitter blow up, I had honestly forgotten to post it.  So, here is John’s view of the Philly match.

Well boys and girls, it seems Hans Backe and/or the powers to be at the club are still partaking in the black arts or have an obscene amount of horseshoes and clovers around Red Bull land.  For me that would only explain how we pulled that victory out of our asses on Sunday…or maybe it was just Rafa being back?

Hmm perhaps not the latter to the fullest extent but I was actually quite impressed with him on Sunday.  Decent performance considering he has been out for a few weeks.  Great ball through to Cooper for the 3rd goal too.  It wasn’t the greatest midfield performance ever but it was decent.  He was far better than the man I have been praising for weeks now (Dax McCarty) whom I thought was pretty dreadful.  I didn’t see the same drive and leadership qualities he has been showing the last few games, but the fact that he didn’t grab the game by the throat when Adu got sent off and we had the extra man was very disappointing.  Speaking of Adu, what a game he had.  Thank god he was sent off or the game could have been different.  Pajoy also caused our back 4 lots of problems, Holgersson and Miller (who had a not so great return) looked caught out on many occasions and for long periods of the game Philly just battered our goal.  Barklage and Ruthven weren’t at their usual standard either especially on philly’s 1st goal when it looked as if they were marking each other rather than Pajoy who was free in the box to score.  Wish Backe has stuck with Lade at left back, he has impressive with good solid performances.

On a more positive note, good solid performance from Lindpere and lovely goal, a rocket!  He needs to play more central though I feel, a number 10 role behind the strikers rather than wide left.  Meara was outstanding again, the save in stoppage time was world class and I thought Ballouchy gave a good account of himself and made some good runs.

All in all a smash and grab win for us but we will take it and it shows miracles do happen.  Holgersson scores a goal and 4 out of 4 wins to take us top of the Eastern conference and without Thierry.  On Sunday it was mothers day, and how fitting because lady luck definately had its part to play!


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