The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Red Bull Rant Facebook Cover Photo Contest

Like we announced on the last episode, we are having a contest for our Facebook Page’s new Cover Photo.  Below are the rules:

  1. The image must be the maximum size of a cover photo: 851px x 315px.
  2. The image must contain the Red Bull Rant Logo.
  3. The image cannot look like the banner image on this site.
  4. No pictures of individuals & their faces can be identified.
  5. No content relating to the supporter groups.
  6. The image must be a sRGB JPG, and less than 100 kilobytes in size (Facebook’s Rule).
  7. No mention of the Red Bull Rant site & Twitter feed (Facebook’s Rule).
  8. No mention of your personal site/twitter feed (Facebook’s Rule).

Deadline for submissions is May 24th.  Send your submission to our e-mail  We’ll then post the top 5 for voting. Good luck!

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