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Player Ratings – 4/28 vs New England

Remember, these ratings are on a scale of 1-10.  Let us know in the comments what you think.


GK:  Ryan Meara

  • Jason: 8 – You could tell how much the clean sheet meant to Meara when he ran to his family after the whistle was blown.
  • Pat7 – Another fabulous match.  Clearly wanted that clean sheet.
  • Truman9 – First clean sheet, and played his ass off to earn it. Made a few point blank saves, had zero troubles handling the ball. His best game so far.

D: Markus Holgersson

  • Jason6.5 – Good match out of the 2012 whipping boy, but still showed some flaws.  Meara saved the back line a few times.
  • Pat6.5 – A nice surprise leading the back line. Displayed some of that advertised though rarely seen physicality.
  • Truman7 – Welcome to the positive side of the ratings! Mostly steady, made several clearances inside the box. Seriously, though Meara saved the d’s a few times, the guys all deserve props today.

D: Tyler Ruthven

  • Jason: 5 – Had a decent game, picked up a yellow early on, but it was necessary to stop a breakaway.
  • Pat5.5 – Had a few shaky moments, but overall ok.
  • Truman6 – Definitely got burned a few times, but picked up a yellow making a semi dangerous, yet key tackle in the first half, which did prevent a full on break by New England.

D: Connor Lade

  • Jason: 6.5 – Nice to see the rookie bounce back in his second start.  Hopefully he can build on this and give the back line some much needed proven depth; instead of the unproven depth they’ve had.
  • Pat7 – Nice bounce back after a poor showing in DC.  Perfect assist on Henry’s goal.
  • Truman7 – It’s always positive when you’re not screaming a rookies name in anger. He didn’t make anyone do that for sure. The less you hear his name, the better it is for the team and fans.

M: Brandon Barklage

  • Jason: 6 – Solid night. Didn’t do much in the attack, but probably wasn’t supposed to.
  • Pat6 – Solid, quiet night.
  • Truman6 – I’ll be honest. I didn’t really see him do much of anything out there. But as the New England Storm came through in the second half, he stood  tough and didn’t wilt.

M: Joel Lindpere

  • Jason: 5.5 – Hopefully, this got him his position on the field back, but given how fickle Backe is, nothing is certain, except that Ballouchy will be used at some point.
  • Pat5 – Still not there yet, but showed signs he maybe about to break out of his funk.
  • Truman– Got his starting job back, and played well, though not spectacular.

M: Mhedi Ballouchy

  • Jason4 – The only reason he gets a 4 and not a higher score is for his part in the play in which Henry strained his calf.  Not playing the ball sooner forced Henry to change course, which led to the injury.  Solid play otherwise.
  • Pat6 – Yet another solid showing by the much maligned midfielder.
  • Truman7 – Played all over the field, and didn’t give the ball away. Really seemed to give Joseph fits thoughout the match.

M: Dax McCarty

  • Jason: 8 – Great bounce back from the disappointment that was the DC match, especially when forced into playing a true defensive midfield position.
  • Pat7.5 – Stellar night with the emergency start in the clean up role.
  • Truman– Hands down the best guy on the field aside from Meara. Having never really played much of a defensive mid for this team before, he played like a man on a mission. 60 out of 77 passes completed. Dax was just in a total zone

M: Dane Richards

  • Jason: 6.5 – Played well early when he could play his normal winger role, disappeared when asked to move up top.
  • Pat6 – Was dangerous early on the wing. Less threatening when he moved up top.
  • Truman– When he played his normal wing spot, he was great, creating total havoc for the New England defense. When forced to go up top after Henry’s injury, the team lost that dangerous attack up the sidelines,and he mostly vanished until the waning minutes of the game.

F: Kenny Cooper

  • Jason: 6.5 – Had decent chances when he got the ball, which was rare once Henry left. Had a nice one timer that was tipped away by Reis early on.
  • Pat6 – Did everything well except score.
  • Truman6 – No Henry, no Coop it seemed. Again he had very little balls played his direction, and wasn’t able to create a lot of chances for himself

F: Thierry Henry

  • Jason: 9 – His goal should probably be a no doubt Goal of the Week winner.  Was all over the field in his 24 minutes, and even stepped up to provide good service off of his 4 corners taken.  Too bad he’s going to be out for a month…
  • Pat7 – A shame he went down early. Looked poised for another stellar match.
  • Truman8 – 24 minutes of magic, and that’s what I’m rating him on. That goal was SPEC-TAC-ULAR.


M: Victor Palsson (on for Thierry Henry)

  • Jason: 4 – Probably the most disappointing player on the field.  Had two chances in the second half to send in a cross to seal the game, but air mailed both of them.
  • Pat6 – Shows flashes, decision making still isn’t there yet.  Didn’t hurt the team
  • Turman6 – Really questioned this move. Though he played decent enough, the attack vanished after he came in.

F: Jhonny Arteaga (on for Mhedi Ballouchy)

  • Jason: 5 – Backe really needs to learn to use his subs sooner. That being said, Arteaga looked unsure of himself, probably because he doesn’t play much. That might have to change with Henry out, and Agudelo possibly another week or two away from returning.
  • Pat: Short cameo at the end.
  • Truman: 5- Only played about 9 minutes including stoppage time. Kid, shoot the ball!!!!

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