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Rant of the Week Honorable Mentions – Episode 11

Here are the honorable mentions for this week’s Rant of the Week.  Tune in tomorrow to listen to the top rant.  Also remember to vote for your Man & Not So Man of the DC Match.  The results will be read on the next episode which records tonight.

Our first rant comes from John Harris of Scottland, aka @spikthebhoy:

Hi guys! John from Scotland here. As you read out on the podcast last week I am a new Red Bulls fan and I was excited about the match tonight, then it came and oh dear…what a car crash!!
I’m a new fan and haven’t seen alot of the players but my observations show that the defense was seriously missing Conde and Marquez.  Keel was horrible; I felt he made Holgersson look good and that says a lot!  Keel should have challenged on the edge of the box for the first goal; I’m aware Henry lost it in the middle of the pitch but Keel should have tackled before Pontius hit the shot.  Even if you don’t get the ball, take the guy out and take a yellow card for the team.  It might stop a goal!  Keel was responsible for the second goal in my opinion too, Lalas kept blaming the young kid Lade (ok he was horrible when the ball came into the box) but if sideshow bob (Keel) had stopped the cross from Santos, stopped the damn cross coming in from the left, then the young kid wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place!  Thank god Backe took him off at half time.  I thought Palsson was hopeless too, he just looked weak and should have been off at halftime.  Disappointed with Cooper too, he had what, 1 shot on goal the whole game? Can’t remember much else positive he did…apart from laying off the ball for a Henry long shot.
An unacceptable performance to be honest.  No drive, no determination, sloppy possession, losing the ball in midfield constantly, no closing down and no-one looked as if they were up for the game.  I remember asking myself at one point during the first half if we were going to get out of our own half.  Only Positives from Henry; looked our biggest threat and scored the goal.  Richards to an extent, I thought he tried to get up the wing and drive us forward a bit and I thought Ballouchi wasn’t too bad before he got subbed.  Meara made a couple of good saves but that was overshadowed by him picking the ball out of the net 4 times.  The rest didn’t get passing marks for me…
Pontius and DeLeon handed us our asses in that game!
I was surprised to see at the end of the game we had more overall possesion 53% to 47%.  We also had more corners 7 to 5.  A decent delivery and Cooper could maybe get his head on the end of corners with his size but just never happened.
A horrible performance, just have to put it behind us and look ahead to the next game on saturday against New England.  Backe will have lots of issues to resolve and he better act quickly and lift the players somehow to be ready for the weekend.
Keep the faith my friends!
John Harris – a very disappointed newby Red Bulls Fan

Our second honorable mention comes via Twitter from @viperRBNY:

@DoctaStooge You want a #RBNY Rant? Ok, here you go: Holgersson: Go Back To Sweden! Palsson: Back To Iceland Please! Solli: Fuck Off With Your Remixes, Immerse Yourself In Soccer Basics! Lade: Get To A Fucking Gym ASAP, Start Pumping Some Iron! Teemu: Get Well Soon! Conde: Get Well Soon! Luke: Please Come Back ASAP! Rafa: Fuck Off To Mexico So We Can Get a DP Creative Mid AND a DP Center Back! Hans: Go Backe Home! Thierry: Thank You For Being Here!

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