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The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

Player Ratings – 4/22 vs. DC United

Remember, these ratings are on a scale of 1-10.  Let us know in the comments what you think.


GK:  Ryan Meara

  • Jason: 5 – This match could have very easily seen DC 7 or 8 if not for Meara.
  • Pat5 – It’s hard to fault Meara for any of the goals, he even kept the match from being worse with a few nice saves.
  • Truman6 – Like an aircraft carrier being protected by 4 tugboats.

D: Connor Lade

  • Jason3 – Got targeted a lot (expected) and had a hard time stepping up. Kind of hard to expect a rookie starting his first match, against RBNY’s rival, to perform really well.
  • Pat4.5 – He looked ok at times for his first start, but had a hand in goals 2 and 3.  He lacks the offensive instinct of Roy Miller.
  • Truman2 – Rookie is as rookie does.

D: Stephen Keel

  • Jason: See Truman’s comment.
  • Pat3 – His being subbed off at half was well earned.
  • Truman1 – Looked and played like a wet dog.

D: Markus Holgersson

  • Jason2 – Not as bad as Keel, but that’s not saying much in this match.
  • Pat4 – This season’s whipping boy was not the worst defender on the field, but he certainly didn’t make Pontious’ 1st and 3rd goals any more difficult and his ball handling skills reared it’s ugly head again.
  • Truman1 – Utter DISASTER, AGAIN.

D: Jan Gunner Solli

  • Jason3 – Don’t know what went wrong in this match, but he got exposed big time.
  • Pat4 – His defensive deficiencies are becoming glaringly obvious.
  • Truman4 – He played?

M: Mhedi Ballouchy

  • Jason4 – We didn’t like the 2011 version, and it looks like Ballouchy is reverting.
  • Pat5 – Had a few nice moments of ball movement before the team completely unraveled.
  • Truman4 – Like a blimp crashed INTO a train wreck.

M: Victor Palsson

  • Jason3 – The middle of the defense & midfield we’re utterly terrible, minus McCarty.
  • Pat3 – Had such an up and down match.  He honestly had some very nice moments, but his errors on 3 goals cannot be overlooked.
  • Truman4 – See Connor Lade.

M: Dax McCarty

  • Jason5 – Not a great game, but was the only one outside of Henry who seemed to understand what this match meant to the fans, and showed it with effort. I guess playing against your old team will do that.
  • Pat6 – Was easily the hardest working player on the pitch for the Red Bulls.
  • Truman4 – IN. VISIBLE.

M: Dane Richards

  • Jason: 4 – Not a good game from Dane, but when compared to the back line, he has to at least get rated higher.
  • Pat5 – Showed a few flashes late when the game was already well out of reach.
  • Truman5 – Well, he tried.

F: Kenny Cooper

  • Jason: 4 – Laid off an early ball, and then looked timid the rest of the way.
  • Pat3 – Had his worst showing as a Red Bull.  His early non-shot set the tone of this match.  Was atrociously gunshy inside the 18.
  • Truman5 – When you don’t see the ball, don’t expect much.

F: Thierry Henry

  • Jason: 6 – Stuck in having to do it himself, and it was just too much. Great free kick at the end, but too late.
  • Pat5.5 – Got the consolation goal, gave up the ball for DC’s first goal.  Didn’t do much else
  • Truman6 – Stranded out on an island.


D: Tyler Ruthven (on for Stephen Keel)

  • Jason: 5.5 – With Keel: -3 GD, With Ruthven: +/- 0 GD.
  • Pat: 6 – Only one goal was scored after he replaced Stephen Keel and he wasn’t responsible for it.
  • Turman5 – Better than Keel. If that’s a compliment

M: Joel Lindpere (on for Mhedi Ballouchy)

  • Jason: 5 – Two straight sub-par weeks by Ballouchy means Lindpere starts again right? I mean, Lindpere lost his spot over 2 sub-par weeks…
  • Pat5 – Granted the match was well out of reach when he came on, but he was once again making little difference on the field.
  • Truman5 – Should be getting his starting job back next week, right?

M: Jhonny Arteaga (on for Dane Richards)

  • Jason: At least Backe used all 3 subs. Too bad he used #3 way too late.
  • Pat: Only played the last 9 or so minutes.
  • Truman: Meh. At least he saw the field.

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