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Player Ratings – 4/14 vs. San Jose


GK:  Ryan Meara

  • Jason6 – Decent showing when the defense didn’t fail on him.  Deserves a clean sheet, but the back line has not done him any favors.
  • Pat6.5 – Another great performance by Meara despite the two goals let up due to defensive gaffes.  Saved the team’s butt plenty more afterwards.
  • Truman: 6 – The goals he allowed were the result of poor defense, and not his own. Didn’t see a lot of action in the second half.

D: Roy Miller

  • Jason6 – Played a solid game up until he was subbed out due to an injury.
  • Pat6 – Solid game by Miller, came off with an injury in the second half.
  • Truman5 – Mostly uneventful. Held down the fort in the second half

D: Markus Holgersson

  • Jason2 – He has not shown whatever it is that Backe/Soler saw in him. I don’t think he should be starting against DC.
  • Pat4 – Another poor game by Holgersson, missed the offside trap on the first goal and then just stood there.  Yet another poor game with ball control as well.
  • Truman3 – HORRIBLE game. Completely turned around on the Quakes first goal. Looked shaky throughout.

D: Stephen Keel

  • Jason– Not great, didn’t do his part in trying to stop the two goals, but still a better option than Holgersson.
  • Pat4.5 – Got baited away from the center of the box allowing Wondolowski to get free and score the second goal.
  • Truman4 – Look horrible in the first, whiffing on a header that led to the second SJ goal, and nearly gave up other chances throughout.

D: Jan Gunner Solli

  • Jason4 – Not his best game.
  • Pat5 – A quiet match by Solli.
  • Truman5 – Looked bad on the second Quakes goal. But then, aside from Meara, who didn’t?

M: Mhedi Ballouchy

  • Jason4 – Saw flashes of what made him the second most hated Red Bull last season behind Rafa.
  • Pat5 – Really came unravelled in the second half.  Was subbed out shortly after making a very dangerous back pass.
  • Truman5 – Decent first half, invisible second.

M: Dax McCarty

  • Jason6 – Good job on the goal, but other than that, didn’t have much of a positive presence in this match, probably due to the play of Rafa.
  • Pat6 – Great goal by McCarty and put in a good effort.  However a few sloppy moments including the turnover that led to San Jose’s first goal, keep this from being higher.
  • Truman6.5 – Fantastic goal in the first half. Not much of note afterward

M: Rafa Marquez

  • Jason1 – He was lucky not to be shown a red after his “tackle” of Salinas on a corner.  Lucky to not be shown a card until late in the match.  I honestly hope he is handed a hefty suspension for his actions, as much as it will hurt the team.
  • Pat3 – Generally sloppy game by Marquez with the grade being dragged down further by his injuring Shea Salinas that will likely result in a suspension the team can ill afford.
  • Truman: 2 – Joke of a game. Could be the last we see of him for a while. And considering how he only plays well every other match, team may not miss him.

M: Dane Richards

  • Jason6.5 – Played a strong game, getting into the attack like he did last year.  Decent crosses from the wing, but could, and should, be better.
  • Pat5.5 – Used his speed well to set up the second goal, but like the rest of the team, faded in the second half.
  • Truman7 – Seems to be finding his form as the season starts to heat up. And if the strikers start to slow down scoring-wise, they’ll need more of Dane.

F: Kenny Cooper

  • Jason7 – Played the back line perfectly to stay onside.  Did not get enough touches after the opening of the match to be effective however.
  • Pat6 – Had a hand in both goals, but was at times sloppy and MIA in the second half.
  • Truman6 – Quality goal, quality assist to Dax. The lack of touches late in the game hurt.

F: Thierry Henry

  • Jason7 – He was his usual feisty self, but the play out of the back line & central midfield (Rafa) made it difficult for him to produce when the team needed it late in the match.
  • Pat6.5 – Nice pass to spring Kenny Cooper for the first goal, had an overall active match.
  • Truman7 – When he had the ball, he made the most of it (see the assist to Cooper). Unfortunatel, the touches dropped off later in the game when needed the most.


D: Connor Lade (on for Roy Miller)

  • Jason6 – Made his MLS debut, had some minor turnovers, but I would attribute that to nerves.  Played decently for being thrust onto the field because of Miller’s injury.
  • Pat5 – A fine debut by the young lad, but he certainly did look like it was his first game.
  • Turman5 – Well he didn’t do anything terrible, and that’s always good.

M: Joel Lindpere (on for Mhedi Ballouchy)

  • Jason: 5 – Still having a hard time getting going.  At some point, the question has to be asked, is it Lindpere or is it the coaching staff that is the cause of the slow start?
  • Pat5 – Subbed in to add some life to the match, he didn’t.
  • Truman: Just gonna say, expect him back in the starting lineup Sunday.

M: Victor Palsson (on for Dane Richards)

  • AllN/A – Came on in stoppage time, not enough for a rating.

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