The Red Bull Rant

The quasi dark side of RBNY fandom.

New NBC Sports MLS TV Spot posted a new NBC Sports TV Spot for their MLS Coverage in 2012.

My take on NBC Sports Coverage this year is that this will probably bring a good amount of coverage to the league.  ESPN and Fox Soccer last year showed how little they truly cared about MLS.  Personally, I think both networks were using MLS coverage only as a springboard for the TV rights to the World Cup, which ESPN has for 2014 and Fox for 2018 & 2022.  Both networks have shown that they prefer to show European football over the US version, with both carrying EPL matches, and Fox getting the US rights to the UEFA Champions League.  ESPN also had an ugly mark to their brand when college baseball preempted the Red Bull match in Seattle last year.  Those who had access to ESPN3 (need specific internet provider) were able to see the whole match, but if you tried watching through cable, you missed the beginning as ESPN failed to show the match on another ESPN channel while baseball finished.

NBC seems to be taking a different approach and really getting behind their MLS coverage.  Arlo White has already been tagged as their main play-by-play guy with NBC carrying 45 MLS matches and 4 USMNT matches on NBC Sports (formerly Versus) and NBC proper.  They will also stream every match on-line as they do with their Sunday Night Football coverage the for the NFL.  This will allow those who do not have NBC Sports on their cable package to still watch; something that is missing for those of us who does not get Fox Soccer & Galavision (myself included on both).  This means fans should be able to see all, if not most, matches in 2012.

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