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Women’s Professional Soccer Cancels 2012 Season

We probably won’t be discussing much women’s soccer on this blog, but I figured that this news was noteworthy enough that it needs to be heard.  Some (hopefully most) of you know of a league called Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS), of which the New York area has a team (Sky Blue FC).  Unfortunately, WPS has announced that they will be cancelling their 2012 season.

The reason for this is an ongoing legal battle with Dan Borislow, who had purchased the Washington Freedom before the 2011 season.  Borislow relocated the team to Boca Raton, FL, and renamed the team to magicJack, after the phone product of the same name which he owns.  During the 2011 season, Borislow repeated butted heads with the CEO of WPS, incurring fine after fine.  At the end of last year, WPS decided to terminate its relationship with magicJack due to Borislow and the problems that it saw.  Borislow in turn went to court to force WPS to re-instate his team.  On January 9th, a Florida judge sided with magicJack and filed an injunction on the termination of the team.  After this, the league and magicJack were trying to work out a deal to stop the legal proceedings, which would save the league money.  In the end, they were not able to work out something, and the league has to cancel the season.


2 comments on “Women’s Professional Soccer Cancels 2012 Season

  1. jack lupica
    January 31, 2012

    wow that kinda sucks. that guy seems like a tool.

    • doctastooge
      February 1, 2012

      Jack, I agree. From everything I’ve read on it since the end of WPS’ 2011 season, it seems this guy wants to do things his way only, and didn’t want to listen to the team office. I hope that if he ever shows interest in a MLS franchise, that the league stops him from buying in.

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