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Márquez: “I want to perform at the level that I’m capable of performing.”

This is a few days old now, but Brian Lewis conducted an interview with Rafa Márquez for the New York Post.  There are some interesting quotes in the article.

“There were offers from different clubs, not only America but in Brazil, but also from Europe,’’ Marquez told the Post yesterday. “I’m the one that said no to those because I have a commitment here and I want to succeed. I want to perform at the level that I’m capable of performing.’’

As everyone knows, Márquez has not been one to give 100% when it has come to his time in a Red Bull kit.  He’s so far, shown more effort for the Mexican national team then he has for NY.  It will be interesting to see if Rafa does indeed pick up his effort in the upcoming year and start playing as everyone expects him to.

“Absolutely, 100 percent (he’s a midfielder),’’ Backe told the Post. “(I see him) 100 percent as a midfielder, because if we get the new centerback in, we will have (Stephen) Keel also, so we will have three guys. Rafa will be 100 percent in the midfield.’’

“I felt physically and mentally very good towards the end of last season, performing at better performance on the field, and it was on the midfield,’’ said Marquez. “It goes back to Hans’ decision; but I felt I was hopefully getting to that level and maintaining that level this season.’’

Towards the end of 2011, Backe shifted Márquez from the center back position into a defensive midfielder position, and the team as a whole performed better.  With Márquez playing in midfield, the team only allowed 11 goals vs. 20 when Rafa was on the back line.  Part of this was due to the pairing of Keel-Ream solidifying the back line, as well as Frank Rost playing better at the end of the year.

Everyone’s eyes will now be on Márquez to see if he can follow through and be the version of himself that helped Barcelona win 2 Champions League titles, or if he’ll return to his 2011 form.


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